green apple grilled cheese sandwich


Grilled Cheese!!! It actually deserves three exclamation marks but I limited myself to one in the header picture so that it might look more refined and sophisticated. Although grilled cheese is at its root, comfort food, so sophistication is not priority. Although you do not need to be craving comfort to have a grilled cheese sandwich. You just need to crave cheese. Lots of it. And bread of course.


I particularly like this sweet version of grilled cheese; I think I have made it – or variations of it – at least three times this year. Slices of tart green apple, a sprinkling of nuts (almonds or walnuts) enveloped with melty cheddar cheese and smashed between two slices of buttered cinnamon-raisin bread – what’s not to love right? Of course you can add whatever else you wish. An indulgent version I made (and devoured) earlier this year included cream cheese spread, lemon curd (homemade, I miss it so much!), figs and dried cranberries, in addition to green apple slices. Needless to say, it’s not non-calorific. But it was crazy awesome delicious and that’s what really matters!


PS: I used a vegetable peeler to get really thin slices of green apple so that I could squeeze more green apple into my sandwich, I managed to incorporate about 3/4 of a small green apple in total! The more apple, the more balanced our sandwich is right? 🙂


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