cucumber salad

For someone who loves food, mostly of the sinful variety, I do sometimes do a turn-around and go to the other extreme. By having salad for dinner for example.  Cucumber salad for dinner, to be precise. Especially after I have stuffed my face with cupcakes. And frosting. Cream cheese frosting to be precise.


But how boring can cucumber get right? So I took some inspiration from ‘spaghetti squash’ (where the squash is made into long strips, like noodles) to prettify the cucumber. Sprinkled with salt and pepper and accompanied by a simple dressing of Greek yogurt lemon juice, a dash of dried Italian herbs, mint, salt and pepper, it made for a rather satisfying, refreshing (and overly healthy) dinner.



If, unlike me, you’re not abnormal, you would probably have this is as a salad side for a hearty dinner. In my case at least, it tricked my brain into thinking I was balancing all that sugar, butter and cream cheese I had consumed earlier. Most importantly however, it’s pretty so you will want to eat it, and you will enjoy it too knowing that your food looks so good!


Don’t you agree it’s pretty?! (Ok I think you can stop with the justifications, nobody is going to be convinced.)


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