new beginnings

We moved to a new office on Friday! I was sad to leave the old place, because it had more space and privacy, but I was determined to take things positively, so I tried not to get too attached to my old room and looked forward to getting acquainted with my new one. It was also fantastic going home early (earlier than usual) on Thursday, because the server was down at around six thirty, so there was no point staying back to do work and I could leave after I was done packing. Moving has some perks!


the old room


I will miss such views from my window though! *insert sobs*

But! My new space is cozy and functional and I’m very grateful for it. I can’t wait to personalise it. Flowers are a must! I intend to decorate gradually, say over a week or two.


Oh and I didn’t make any of the treats that I was dreaming of last weekend. Shame on me, I know. Well, I guess I prioritised family time and work last weekend. 48 hours was hardly sufficient for that.

view from one of the meeting rooms at the new place

view from one of the meeting rooms at the new place

This weekend was more about me-time. I watched a movie of one of my favourite actors (embarrassingly fangirl-ish), shopped (seriously need to cut down on spending, but it’s so hard!), and baked some chocolate cookies. They are my favourite cookies and because I’m kind and generous I’ll be bringing some to share with my colleagues tomorrow. HA.

I was very happy all week, for no particular reason, and while moodiness is trying to creep up on me since this morning, I have been trying to think positive thoughts, so that I can continue to be happy. Because being moody is no fun. No fun at all. It makes you look ugly, for one. Hopefully sharing the aforementioned cookies tomorrow will contribute to happiness, because kindness tends to have that effect.  I will share the recipe soon. Meanwhile, have a great week folks!


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