avocado pudding / smoothie

I have neglected this space for quite some time. It makes me sad. That I have not been able to keep up with my baking pursuits and sharing them here. It’s impossible to do anything apart from work and the other necessaries (shower, eat, sleep) during the weekdays and 48 hours during the weekend is hardly sufficient for you to make up for sleep deprivation, get some exercise, complete work that is due on Monday and/or during the weekend itself, catch up with your family and keep up with social commitments, much less indulge in your hobbies. By “you”, of course I mean me, myself and I. (Although I believe I’m not the only one who thinks 48 hours of weekend is hardly sufficient to accomplish all that a weekend is meant for?)


All these just means my mixer and all other baking utensils have been collecting dust in their respective storage spaces. Oh wells. At least I did use my blender a few times. While baking requires setting aside at least 3 hours of my weekend, whipping up a smoothie or shake can be done on impulse.


Such as this avocado smoothie / pudding I made last weekend. Although avocados are painfully expensive at the grocery stores this time (I have no idea why), I decided to just grab a few because it’s been too long since I enjoyed this treat. I like avocados made this Asian way, as a sweet, dessert-like concoction. I haven’t actually tried having avocado slices on toast with chilli flakes or something, which appears to be a common breakfast item, going by my Instagram feed and favourite American food blogs. I guess you can’t go wrong with avocados whichever way you choose to have them. Do try this Asian version if you haven’t – it makes you feel like you’re having a rich dessert, but without all the unhealthy fat and calories since all that creaminess is from the avocado itself.


It was heaven in a glass when consumed cold and standing in front of the fridge past 1 am after a tiring day. Always good to end the day on a positive/tasty note.

Avocado Pudding / Smoothie 


1 ripe avocado

120 ml evaporated milk / cow’s milk

1 tbsp honey


Blend all the ingredients till combined and creamy. Chill before serving/consuming.

Notes: Do add the liquid to your blender first (unless you’re using a powerful (and expensive) blender like Blendtec or something). These quantities of ingredients produce a pudding-like dessert. If you prefer a smoothie, as in you want to drink this with a straw, add more milk and blend until you get your desired consistency.


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