cream cheese pound cake

I tend to be impulsive sometimes. Such as this time recently when I saw a discounted voucher for a KitchenAid Artisan Series Stand Mixer on one of those annoying deals subscriptions. You know these deals vouchers are only available for s short while right. Which meant I had to make a decision quickly. Oh, the PRESSURE. I mean yes, it was discounted, but if you know anything about stand mixers and KitchenAid ones in particular, you would know that discount or not, a substantial sum of money is involved. And I didn’t (don’t) have piles of money sitting around waiting to be spent.

In the end though, it wasn’t that difficult to decide. A shiny, red, amazingly useful and pretty item that I’ve yearned for ever since I knew such a thing existed vs. several years of yearning until I feel I have enough cash to spare. Obviously the pretty factor won.



know it’s possible to create baked goods, even complicated stuff, without the help of a stand mixer. But a stand mixer will certainly make this easier. And I really wanted one. Especially the whisk attachment! I couldn’t stop dreaming of perfectly whipped frostings. I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve failed to make whipped cream by hand because I refuse to use the gross stuff in spray cans.

grapefruit zest

grapefruit zest

three cups sugar. yes, it's a pound cake after all.

three cups sugar


three times two. ie six eggs required

But I didn’t celebrate my new fancy purchase by baking up a three-layer filled and frosted cake. After it sat unopened in its box for about a month, when I finally had a break, I made my and my family’s favourite cream cheese pound cake, a smittenkitchen recipe that never failed to yield soft, delicious, addictive cake each time I made it. Since now I had a huge mixer bowl and a powerful flat beater attachment, I could make the full recipe (for a large bundt cake) in one batch, and also made the strawberry coulis to go with the cake as recommended by Deb.

The only adaptation I made was to add grapefruit zest  to the batter. The citrus complements the cream cheese perfectly and your home will be filled with a heavenly scent while the cake is baking.

the batter is very lickable

the batter is very lickable

i think this is how a well-buttered and floured bundt pan looks like

i think this is how a well-buttered and floured bundt pan looks like




It’s a perfect teatime cake! GET BAKING!

Recipe found here:


single girl chocolate lava cake

I didn’t have to think very hard for my first post.

I have wanted to make Joy the Baker’s “single girl melty chocolate cake” ever since I acquired her cookbook sometime earlier this year. The recipe itself is pure genius. I mean, chocolate cake for one! With simple everyday ingredients, so you can bake this up whenever a chocolate craving strikes.

But despite my well-stocked kitchen (NOT), I was lacking ramekins. Or anything similar to ramekins that one could use to bake melty chocolate cake.

simple ingredients!

simple ingredients!

I finally bought a couple of ramekins at Daiso (i wasn’t sure if $2 per ramekin was the most affordable option available, so i restricted myself to buying just 2). I didn’t set out to buy PINK ramekins, but they didn’t have white ramekins in stock and the brown ones were not the “made in japan” variety so i grabbed these pink ones and set out to make a chocolate cake all for myself.


pink ramekins

i think this is six squares of chocolate. which should be equivalent to 1/4 cup chocolate chips because the cake turned out fine.

i think this is six squares of chocolate. which should be equivalent to 1/4 cup chocolate chips because the cake turned out fine.

four tsp sugar, but looks like a lot right?!

four tsp sugar, but looks like a lot right?!

Okay, so I intended to eat the cake all by myself. But I wanted some feedback. So I let my younger sister try a little. She said it was awesome, heavenly and RICH. Well duh. Did I really need feedback for a chocolate dessert?

Also, I’m never ordering chocolate lava cake / molten chocolate cake / howsoever it’s described at restaurants again! Unless I’m on a date and my date wants it. (And other exceptional situations if/when I think of them.)



The recipe for this heaven-sent dessert is found at page 170 of Joy Wilson’s Joy the Baker Cookbook. Start baking now! Oh btw Joy calls it “single girl melty chocolate cake”. I like the sound of “lava cake” so I prefer “single girl chocolate lava cake”.


It’s actually pretty classy, I would probably make it if I needed to make a special dessert for two. It’s the perfect size if you’re sharing with a girlfriend. I thought it was kinda big for a single serving. But I’m weird so you probably shouldn’t trust me.